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    City partner

    With the unique waterproof industry system and the support of government project “China make 2025" and through the multi-dimension integrative methods of “crowd funding, free, platform trading, artisan management, effective data analysis, distributed production”. we are looking for cooperation with City partner s from development companies and general contracting enterprises in building industry to form a connection between the source and the terminal, so that partners can revolutionize the cost while improving the quality of construction, and at the same time, the partners can also enjoy our listed dividend when North Chuang Xin becomes the listed company. Let’s make a cooperation and truly achieve a win-win situation!

    Global Strategic Layout of City partner s

    National layout:
    North Chuang Xin has successfully laid out the City partner ship ecosphere in North and Central of China according to present target customers’distribution. In the future, We will expand our industrial ecosphere to South, Southwest, Northwest and Northeast of China with environment-protective building materials and classical construction projects in order to realize the strategic layout covering the whole nation.We aim to establish excellent Science and Technology Industrial Park, build the whole industry chain of building materials industry, and continuously promote the transformation and upgrading of the construction field.
    Overseas layout:
    North Chuang Xin focuses on the Southeast Asian market by responding the national call of "The belt and road". We have established a connection with many countries of the area to export Chinese technology. In 2023, three intelligent production plans will be implemented by North Chuang Xin.